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I will happily be that. 

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See I would eat healthy but I remember that time Eve ate that Apple and Doomed man kind.

So ummmm IDK, I Don’t want to chance it.

LOL have an amazing Friday Everyone!

Trying to find Sleep. 

Yet it continues to evade me.

Perhaps a sweet lullaby would do the trick. 

Until such a prize is bestowed upon me.

I’ll allow my thoughts to prevail as a bed time story.
This time nails

2 oz shot of Wheatgrass

This stuff tastes horrible.

But there’s too many benefits.


Broken front facing camera and all






Do you remember as a kid looking in the mirror, thinking about all the things you wanted to change about yourself.

My one thing was my nose.

I absolutely hated my nose.

I’m not going to lie there still some days when I just wanna make it smaller.

But as you get older you think to yourself F it!   

Besides I’d rather spend the money on something else. LOL

And if I can’t love me how in the hell do I expect others to..
She likes being held. At least until she falls asleep.
After that, the Television and about 75 percent of the bed is yours. 
Because she sleeps like a baby. 
Curled up in a ball.
Probably because it’s the only time she can ever feel like a kid again.
Her favorite color is black.
She’s always rushing in the morning, so while she’s in the shower, grab a Gatorade and some fruit. 
Because she never eats enough. Always so busy.
She likes romantic walks in the “anywhere”.
As long as you promise to hold her hand.
And never let go.
Not because she’s scared to walk alone.
But Because she doesn’t want to.
And because everyone else did.
Including you.
When you’re at dinner together, let her go first.
If you want to order for her, she likes stuff like that.
Her favorite foods are Pasta and sweets. 
Watch out for the spinach dip. She gets gassy.
Make sure you get some asparagus. 
She doesn’t eat enough vegetables.
She always orders way more than she eats anyway.
It’s because her eyes are bigger than her stomach.
But her heart is bigger than the both of them together. Times infinity.
She’ll say she doesn’t want a box for the leftovers.
Get one anyway.
Because she doesn’t eat enough. Always so busy.
But she’ll never be busy enough to call you 1000 times. No exaggeration. 
You’re battery might die. But you will never feel more alive.
She won’t want anything, just to hear your voice. 
Because an “I miss you” from the right person can make all your problems seem irrelevant.
She doesn’t want your money, only your time.
But a new anything never hurt anybody.
She’s insecure about her body.
So every chance you get tell her that she is beautiful.
Tell her that her stretch marks are just explosions of her soul beneath her skin.
That God didn’t give her big boobs because he spent so much time on her face.
And he sent her on her way early because he knew Earth needed her.
That her pudgy stomach is just a little something extra to rub.
That her flaws are just little somethings extra to love.
And never let her leave your presence without a hug,
Because you’ll never know when you’re going to see her again.

Sweet dreams world. ~MikeJustWords~